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The AO Campus Ministry is the official congregational campus ministry for the LA International Church of Christ.

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Lighthouse 3508 E Temple Way, West Covina

It is our pleasure to announce the official theme for the 2016 Campus Internship, Legacy. Jesus began his ministry two thousand years ago armed with a determination to restore His Father’s vision for this world. His eternal legacy has called men and women throughout generations to devote their lives to something greater. Join us as we embark on a journey to realize our role in advancing Jesus’ timeless legacy. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the campus internship here in Los Angeles. To commemorate this milestone, we will be inviting campus students to apply from all over to come and be a part of the Mission here in LA.

June 30: UCI
July 7-10: REACH
July 14: CSULB
July 21: Academy
July 28: USC
August 1-4: MISSION
August 13th: Internship Banquet

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